A call for a public register of beneficial owners.

Canada has a problem.

Secret companies are being used to launder money into the Canadian economy. This problem is getting worse and needs to stop. Globally, other countries are looking to Canada for action, yet Canada has the most lax rules for corporate transparency amongst our international peers.

This problem is called ‘snow-washing.’


Left unchecked,

Snow-washing contributes to soaring real estate prices and acts as a haven for criminals to clean their dirty cash through secret companies, casinos, property and luxury goods. Because Canada has a strong economy, it makes our country the perfect destination for criminals and tax evaders to stash their money.


We can put an end to snow-washing.

Canada can join other countries who are working on this same problem by creating a publicly accessible company register of the true owners of these companies (i.e., beneficial owners). Because criminals take advantage of our laws that allow for secrecy, a publicly accessible register shines a light on this problem. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


Tackle this problem with us to #endsnowwashing.


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Thursday, March 21, 2019 • Toronto, Canada